Best Android puzzle games to trigger your brain cells

The puzzle games for today’s mobile phones are one among the well-regarded collections of games. Certainly, the main gaming franchise named the Angry Birds is a puzzle game as well. These types of games have developed continuously and the brains behind these games have been efficacious in discovering the newest and exhilarating ways of playing with our brains and drive us to ponder something away from our thoughts.

Every single the prominent puzzle game is effortlessly obtainable for playing on the smartphones and tabs which have moreover assisted in offering an essential thrust to their fame. Here we are offering a few of the top puzzle games that are accessible on Android. is an easy, multiplayer puzzle game in which you begin from a cell. You need to consume the cells that are smaller which will turn you bigger. You have to evade larger cells which want to eat you. This is an easy idea but has actually flourished as a popular tradition as it provides lots of exciting hours of gameplay. The game totally anonymous, thus you can never find out who you are playing with and it offers a lot of Easter eggs that you might discover to customize your cell further.


2048 is a well-liked puzzle game with a simple idea and is available for free. In this game, you are given a group of tiles that feature the number 2. You then unite them to generate fours, and afterward, you merge them one more time to make eights, and so on till you are unable to make further moves. This game is a brilliant mind teaser with no specific gameplay to get entangled in. Thus, you can even play this game for a few minutes or for few hours also.

Cut the Rope: Magic

This Puzzle game is the newest addition to the Cut the Rope franchise and maintains the ancestry of being easily available, interesting gameplay, and entirely delightful. In this game, you feature as a tiny monster that is named Om Nom and your target is to fetch the portions of candy in every level to Om Nom and feed him. This has been incorporated by means of the game mechanics in a smart way. In this version, you own transformation controls to assist you during boss fights.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy some fabulous puzzle games, these are some of the famous Android puzzle games that we would recommend.

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